I offer therapy in English or Swedish and have a special interest in exhaustion/ burnout/ utmattning. 
I have years of experience dealing with the issues experienced by expatriates and enjoy helping all my patients to manage relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and stress management using cognitive behavioural methods (CBT-KBT)
Let's work together to make the changes you want to see in your life!
I speak fluent Swedish so therapy is available in English or Swedish, it's your choice.

KontaktClaudia Greene-Wahlgren
AdressNordmannavägen 76
224 75 LUND
Telefon0723 287000
E-post claudiawahlgren@gmail.com
Legitimation leg. Psykolog
Lilla Fiskaregatan 10
222 22 LUND
Telefon: 072387000
E-post: claudiawahlgren@gmail.com
Län/kommun: Skåne län, Lund, Sweden
  • English
Australian Psychological Society's CBT education program
Oxford Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre CBT
Psykologlinjen Lunds Universitet

Verksamhetsområden och inriktningar:

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  • Familj/Par
  • Kris/Katastrof
  • Anhörigstöd
  • Avlastningssamtal/Psykologisk genomgång
  • Kristerapi